Merge my non creator, creator and uphold account

i need to merge all 3 my uphold says 0 balance even though I thought i merged them

@rhett can you elaborate more? What did you mean by “non creator” account?

And this one :point_up:

on my creator account i have 0.0 Bat but when I click up top next to the lion when on brave browser i have 3.8 BAT. My uphold account shows 0.0 BAT

Hello Rhett, are you referring (A) to linking your Uphold account to your Brave Rewards wallet inside the Brave browser? If so, are you using the BETA version of the browser?

Or are you referring to (B) linking you Uphold account to your account?

On, your earned BAT as a creator, not as a Brave browser user is sent to your Uphold account on the 8th of every month.

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I deposited some ETH that converted to BAT, that sits until the 8th also?

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