Bat Rewards on Uphold account

Hi I just want to ask why my Brave Bat rewards not appearing on my uphold account but its already confirmed and connected? I would like to widraw the amount I gain from it. Please help. Thank you.

Can you elaborate more?
Screenshot will be helpful too.

In my brave reward creator its empty. But I already have Bat and $ on my brave acct.

Thanks for the screenshots @Macqui.


  • the 1st screenshot (1.8 BAT) is not in your wallet yet. Will be deposited to your Rewards wallet once a month, every 5th or 6th of the month.

  • 2nd screenshot, your wallet is not connected to Uphold yet. The verify wallet button is still there. If it’s connected, you should see Wallet verified.

And in order to connect your Uphold account to your brave:rewards wallet you’ll need to accumulate 25 BAT first (in your Rewards wallet) before the button is click-able. So far you’ve 0.2 in your wallet.

  • 3rd screenshot – and brave:rewards wallet is two different wallets for different purposes.

The first one is for creators (used for managing BAT received from contributions, tips, and/or referrals), while the latter is user’s in-browser wallet used for managing BAT from Brave Ads, and the contribution to creators.

They don’t connect to each others. So that’s why you not see it in your creator account and vice versa.

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Good explanation bro :slight_smile: maybe he understand that :slight_smile:

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It’s very clear now. Thank you.

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Please informed me with I couldn’t sign by uphold.
I have web money and perfect money account.
Can I receive rewards by these wallets?

Only Uphold wallet account can connect to the brave reward account you can’t use other wallet to connect on your brave reward account. :slight_smile: