Uphold Wallet not Connected


I have unclaimed rewards for referring people to downloaded your browser. I have my
Uphold account linked and verified, but it states that it is not and therefore can’t transfer the BAT to my account. Please help.


When you linked your Uphold account to your creators.brave.com account?

I have it linked to my Brave browser. Is there a difference? If so, how do I link my Brave Creator to my Uphold. Please not in my Brave Creator it says that my wallet is connect, but “ To
receive your contribution balance, you’ll need to fully verify your identity on Uphold.”

Your brave://rewards wallet (BAT triangle icon at URL bar) is a user’s in-browser wallet and have no connection with your creator account. It’s two separate wallet with different purposes.

Did your Uphold account already verified?


So I need to make a new wallet in order to collect my Brave Creator Rewards?

Never mind… I think I fixed it

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