BAT missing from Pending Payouts

BAT missing from Pending Payouts

Logged in through the Publisher account from the link received through mail and can find the BAT 14.25 is missing from account which was available few days back


Double. Platform independent. Also, noticed part of BATs vanished, mostly for tips from 28jun to 5july.

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Any update on this issue?

I had the same problem! I had 20 Bat tokens disappear!

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No update yet on this issue

Same issue. Publisher accounts being raided and drained. No explanation at all from Brave, no one will even reply to several of these threads stating the same issue.


The same issue happen to my cousin today and my brother made a complaint few days about tipping issue. Tipping of BAT snag . My cousin had 3.6BAT and today 0.15BAT no update and all. @asad @mattches

Others with similar post.

I see a lot of posts about disappearing pending rewards, both here and on reddit. In almost all cases they return on their own. What seems to help is to close the browser completely and then checking it again. Sometimes it takes some time. Also make sure you have the latest version installed.

At least one of the posts you mentioned has been resolved that way @Dgenies.

@ElevenR Did you delete your reply because your issue is resolved? If so, please let the forum know what helped.

Other reasons:

  • Auto-Contribute might be activated
  • BAT from publisher accounts might have been withdrawn to the Uphold wallet
  • Grants could expire, causing the BAT to go back for redistributing
  • Loss of data (caused by reinstalling, cleaning app data, or similar. Anything that could cause the wallet to be overwritten/deleted)

Especially this for publishers: Some common solutions to late/incomplete payouts

Of course even if this is just a display error, this should not happen and I am sure the developers are working on improving the system.

Please let the forum know if your problems resolve. (Also if they don’t of course)

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You don’t understand. This has NOTHING to do with the browser. This has NOTHING to do with Uphold. This has NOTHING to do with payouts. Balances are going down, on their own, in the publisher account balance.

@Medjan am not new to all this problems I know all you listed

it was a week of ads so it couldn’t be expired, auto-contribute was off, it is browser mode so publisher account is out too and we are down to loss of data .

  • no reinstalling
  • no app data cleaning
  • no upgrade

so this is my dilemma. I am tech support for my friends and family that download brave. So until I have a definite answer I can’t fly with a list of answer. I need to have a precise answer.

@Medjan thanks for your help but we would leave it to the higher ups

@alex @dan_brave

this worked for me

you could try just restoring your current key and see if it works

There you go. This probably just forced to reload some information about the pending rewards, which would have happend at some point anyways, like it did with many people already.

Good to know there’s a quicker way to do it though, if it takes longer than usual.

Edit: This doesn’t solve the publisher problems of course, but it should bring the hopes up, that the BAT are not lost.

@medjan I love seeing new community member be active and put in a lot of effort. I can introduce you to some of the active people in the community
@dan_brave (he just joined recently)

and many other

I too am very active on the community. you could probably know this from my profile.


Team is looking into this right now! Will hopefully have a fix soon.

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Tried cleaning my browser data once and logged into Publisher account, can see my BAT again

Not sure of what the issue was

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