Missing BAT Rewards after 1.3.113 update

Hi guys, Brave just auto-updated to 1.3.113 yesterday and now some of my BAT Rewards is missing (around 60), and now only have 193 BAT. I went to Brave Rewards settings and momentarily saw the right amount (260-270 BAT) for a sec or two before setting to the new amount.

Weird things I’ve noticed with this release is the Brave Rewards widget showing “Claim My Rewards” notification constantly even after claiming said reward.

About the only thing I do differently that may be considered abnormal while using the Brave browser is have a lot of open TABS.

As of now, I only know of 1 other person that this has happen to. Check 1.3.113 Brave update Post on the Brave subreddit.

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Same here. I’m missing BAT tokens, my browser keeps crashing, bookmarks are constantly changing and all of my extensions are gone. I have sync turned off, but it apparently keeps trying to sync to some other browser, either old Brave settings or Chrome. I even reset Brave back to original settings and still the issues persist.

hi, same here i just checked my BAT and around 30-40 BAT is missing

anybody know the procedure on how to claim back your missing tokens ?

Hello friends, I also have the same problem, they have taken 144.9 bat from my balance. How should I make the claim?

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I lost over 130 BAT my account went from 238.something to now being only 60.5

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i have had 60 bat taken and have not received my bat tokens for jan, im down near 85 odd bat, that not good at all and nowhere to go to claim it back, if they steal this amount from random accounts each month then some1 is making huge profits at our expense !.

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I’ve since resolved my bookmark and extension issues, but am still missing BAT from my wallet and it’s a little concerning that so many others are having the same issue with no updates from the Brave team regarding this issue. No clue how an update results in BAT going missing. Kinda feels like theft and leaves me questioning the true security of Brave Browser.

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