Reduced my token in publisher

Hello admin , in (8 July 2019) I had 99 tokens last month and this month I withdraw 30 BAT and the rest of my tokens 69 now why is my token reduced? from 69 to 4.75 (date 10 July 2019 ) to 0 BAT (13 July 2019) And Now 14 Juli 2019 4,75 again

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A lot of people having the same issue. Publisher accounts being raided and drained. No explanation at all from Brave, no one will even reply to several of these threads stating the same issue.

No accounts are being “raided and drained” @R1234 .

View my reply to another post. In there is also a link to a reply from a Brave employee.

Most of these cases resolve themselves.

Seems to be a reply from someone who also doesn’t understand the issue.

Intresting! I follow this :yum:

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