BAT in browser but not on Uphold account

Hello ! I’ve started to use Brave some weeks ago now and I really appreciate it. It a very good thing that we can finally get some reward for the attention we give to the adds we see every moment of every day. Very good work !

But I did manage to get some BATs from the adds (not much for now) but my verified Uphold account is still at 0… I use Brave on many computers (at work, at home, on my phone, on my wife’s computer…) to get as much reward sources as possible, but my Uphold account is still showing 0, whatsoever…

I know this has already been reported, but still the bug or issue is still here…

Thanks for your work guys !

Hi @giantjoe202 - thanks for writing in! Just to confirm, have you KYC’d and verified your Brave wallet with Uphold?

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Hi @giantjoe202. The issue you describe could be related to the 3 wallet limit on the two-way wallet feature.

For the verification, yes it’s been done on every computers and terminal. But what do you mean by “KYC’d” ?

OK @cat5, but I only use 3 tops at the same time. Actually even 2 : at work and at home and they’re not connected at the same time.

Hi @giantjoe202 - check out this article -

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I got the same problem. My Uphold account is verified but when i click on withdraw on brave i’m still at 0 on uphold.
Any idea ? Thanks

Hi ! So the problem seems to be resolved. I was credited on Uphold as expected… I guess it just took a little bit more time than I thought. Thanks for your help anyway !

Hi @giantjoe202 - awesome!

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