I don't get bat in my uphold wallet

Good afternoon, my problem has been since December that I do not receive bat in my uphold wallet, it is verified.
Nor does it increase bat’s for viewing ads. I’ve been doing the same thing for months.

These are the ads I’ve seen over the months, but the score doesn’t go up.
Please help me in my problem @steeven

@Austin19 be sure to send a direct message (DM) to Steeven and Mattches with your Wallet Info you find at brave://rewards-internals along with some of the information you provided here so they can try to help.

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I am having a similar problem, in Uphold it says that it’s linked but not on the browser and I am stuck in a loop of verify just to get an error message every time.

I cannot get the browser to link even though it says it is linked on Uphold wallet but not the browser.

You have no real support so help fix this if you want me to use your browser and wallet.

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