Cannot withdraw bat

Desktop… It shows 5.8 available. I click withdraw (verified uphold wallet) and it redirects to uphold. I see the bat card (Brave browser) but balance is 0.


Hi @joshy - Have you KYC’d with Uphold? Is the BAT from Ads/Grants/Referrals or Contributions?

Yes on KYC. Its ad earnings. I was on an old beta version before this week.

@joshy your issue may be related to the 3-wallet limit imposed on the two-way wallet feature for withdrawing BAT earned from ads to Uphold. I only found out about the limit recently from researching posts here in the community.

I also tested the Brave Ads feature using both a Dev build, then a Beta build last year. When I could finally withdraw the small amount of BAT I had earned from ads while testing before they released Brave 1.0, I withdrew the BAT to Uphold and then uninstalled the Dev and Beta builds. I did not know at the time I was screwing myself over by using 2 wallets of my 3-wallet limit by doing so.

Now I use only the latest stable build on my desktop, laptop, and phone. However, no option presently exists to unlink my Dev and Beta test wallets from Uphold so I can use the two-way wallet feature with the stable installations I use primarily. Now I have several Brave Browser cards with 0.00 BAT in Uphold that I cannot use, archive, or delete. Every time I try to withdraw BAT earned from ads from my primary browser wallets, I just see an empty Brave Browser card in Uphold for that wallet.

This is a problem. I have 30 bat on mobile and 5.8 desktop. Ugh

It is a problem but one I think Brave can fix. Presumably Brave will need to do something with the 3-wallet limit when they enable BAT withdrawals from mobile devices. Hopefully, at that time, they will also provide a method for users to select which wallets they wish to link to Uphold for BAT earned from ads withdrawal purposes rather than just the first 3 wallets a user ever linked with no recourse to reset or archive those wallets (like if they no longer exist).

As I said earlier, I unknowingly used up my 3-wallet limit just by testing the two-way wallet feature when it came out in November. I’ve used Brave since 2016, and it is the default browser on my desktop, laptop, and phone, with Brave Ads enabled for each. I use a work profile and a personal profile on my desktop and laptop, and Brave considers each one of those profiles as its own wallet. So with Brave in continuous use – which is what I assume Brave wants – I can have up to 5 different profiles/wallets active each day depending on which device I use to work. This seems like it would be a fairly common set-up.

I understand the need to impose a wallet limit. I’d like an opportunity to fix my mistake, choose the 3 wallets I want to link, and then probably just disable Brave Ads for the wallets where the 3-wallet limit prevents me from withdrawing BAT earned from ads.

I do not know if it is related to the 3 wallet limit. It seems that if I link my uphold account after syncing my browser, I should be able to withdraw.

makes no sense

Is there any help for this? It makes no sense that I cannot see the funds in my uphold account. I am building a club and want to write a guide about withdrawing funds but so far my experience with actually getting any funds out is 0% (does not work).

Hey @joshy - sorry for the delay. Taking a deeper look now.

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@joshy @cat5 couple things for both of you to try:

  1. Back up your wallet restore key. Keep it somewhere safe.
  2. Try a manual restore. Copy and paste the wallet restore key into the restore field in the Rewards Settings page and click restore. Then go check your Uphold account (it might take a little while for the balance to update).
  3. Try disconnecting your Uphold account from your wallet, and reconnecting. To do so, go to the Rewards Settings page and click the “Wallet Verified” button to the upper left of your wallet balance, and then click “Disconnect from Brave Rewards”. Then, reconnect your Uphold account again.
  4. If all else fails, do a fresh re-install of Brave, and restore your wallet the same way you did in step 2.

Thx. Will post outcomes later

Weird. So, I got my restore code from my Beta browser (has 5.8 BAT but cannot withdraw) and downloaded a fresh copy of both browsers. (uninstall/reinstall).

I used that restore code in both the Live and the Beta browsers and obviously they are connected because my earnings show for the month in both browsers Rewards pages.

BUT… the wallet balance in Beta is still 5.8 (still cannot w/d) and the Live version shows 0.00 available. I synced both to Uphold in various orders and combinations and no matter what, I cannot get uphold to recognize the 5.8 in the beta build. The beta version has the show details link and shows all 5.8 was earned from ads.

What is weird is that I used the same restore code for both beta and live versions but they show different balances. I also synced the browsers and still the same result.

Is the beta wallet different from the live wallet but somehow uses the same private key?

Hi @Asad. Thank you for your reply. I completed 1, 2, and 3 (I’ll try 4 at a time that is less disruptive). Nothing changed for me. Still 0.00 BAT in the Brave Browser card in Uphold.

My understanding is a 3-wallet limit is imposed on the two-way wallet feature for withdrawing BAT earned from ads to Uphold. Is that true? If so, and I already linked 3 wallets while testing this feature in the dev and beta builds last year, isn’t this the behavior I should expect? How will a fresh re-install of my current Brave installation change the 3-wallet limit that appears to prevent withdrawal from this wallet? Thank you for your time and assistance.

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Hi @Asad. As requested, I also did #4 a fresh re-install of Brave this morning, manually restored the wallet, reconnected the wallet to Uphold (Wallet Verified), clicked Withdraw Funds, and the Brave Browser card in Uphold still shows 0.00 BAT. Please advise next steps. Thank you.

Hi, I have also been left with this problem. I had numerous issues with bat missing and android not showing bat or wallets but these have now been resolved. I have never been able to verify my wallet on the Uphold site or withdraw bat, whenever I click ‘verify wallet’ or ‘withdraw’ I just get redirected to my uphold account nothing happens, even when doing this process while on the Uphold site.

This is what i’m left with after trying all the steps you had mentioned, back-up and restore and reinstall and restore, it makes no difference. Why can’t we just have an option to ‘send’ bat like in other crypto wallets and manually send it to Uphold.

…this is maybe to easy :thinking:

…my thread pointing this issue is not replyed since dec.19 2019


Its crazy, if I had a hardware wallet I could just withdraw the bat with the crypto wallet add-on’s so why not have a ‘send’ function.

Hi @Asad @Mattches. I’m not sure about the other members posting in this thread, but I appear to be in the same boat as @creator22 as described in this post:

It seems like we, and others, inadvertently used up our 3-wallet limit by testing the two-way wallet feature last year using the dev/beta builds (all of which I have uninstalled now), leaving no way to withdraw BAT earned from ads to Uphold from the stable build we run. I personally tested this new feature using wallets with the least amount of BAT from ads in the event I lost it for some unexpected reason. I wasn’t aware of the 3-wallet limit at the time of testing.

I’m not sure how that limit is imposed, but there must be some way to clear it so we can link the 3 wallets we choose to link rather than strictly the first 3 wallets ever linked. Thanks again for your help, and any news or information you can provide.

Update: In case anyone wonders, updating to Brave v1.3.113 does not change this behavior.

Update: In case anyone wonders, updating to Brave v1.3.115 does not change this behavior.