3 wallet limit on two-way wallet for BAT withdrawal to Uphold

Like many other members of the Brave community have expressed here, I inadvertently used up my 3-wallet limit by testing the two-way wallet feature last year using the dev/beta builds (all of which I have uninstalled now), leaving no way to withdraw BAT earned from ads to Uphold from the stable build I run now.

I’m not sure how that limit is imposed. Is there a way to clear the limit so impacted users can link the 3 wallets they choose to link rather than strictly the first 3 wallets ever linked? There must be, otherwise the Brave devs who QA this feature would be locked out too, right?

Also, at some point Brave will permit BAT withdrawals from mobile wallets. Won’t this change require a modification to the 3-wallet restriction?

There must be a better way other than simply enforcing a blind hard limit on early adopters and beta testers.

Thanks @asad @Mattches @Aa-ron @steeven for your help, and any news, information, or update you can provide.

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Hey @cat5, thanks for your feedback. I raised this to the team when you mentioned it in your previous thread – the 3-browser limit is an anti-fraud feature, but we are working on a good way to fix edge cases like yours. At the moment, there’s no way to fix this on the user end, but we may be able to make an exception for you. Can you please go to brave://rewards-internals and send me the data there in a private message?

Thank you for your reply @Asad. I PM’d the data you requested.

@Asad - and what about others? I’m trying to find solution since november :slight_smile: when we can expect mentioned workaround?

I’ve been a long time user of Brave. I happened to see this thread due to a Brave Community summary email I received. I was totally unaware of a “3 wallet limit” and would explain some of the issues I’ve had also. I’ve installed Brave repeatedly on both desktops and mobile. It defaults to generating a new wallet, so it seems pretty easy for users to end up with multiple wallets.

I am also troubled by this explanation from Rewards Support:

anyone could download, install, and run as many copies of the browser on any number of machines and earn from them all

Yes, if I use Brave on two machines I do expect to earn ad revenue from them all. It shouldn’t matter that the wallets are different seeds. This seems perfectly reasonable and obvious.

Not even sure if it’s possible at this point, but will check with the team.


Yes, and if you use Brave on two machines and verify both wallets with Uphold, you’ll be able to claim and earn from both. Again, the max num. of wallets one can link to Uphold (to withdraw/transfer) is 3. The text you link simply says that you can earn from x number of browsers – which is true, but you won’t be able to withdraw/transfer your earned BAT outside of the initial browser wallet it went into.

Hi all
I’ve been using Brave Browser on my Android device for a while now.
How on earth do I send my BAT to my Binance wallet?
I did earn some from my desktop browser but I only really use my phone for everything now.
When will the mobile browser wallet have transfer funds tool installed into the new version?
Many thanks

PS. I’m a musician and songwriter from the UK and have music released worldwide.
I would like to sell my music for BAT and start something for other independent artists.
Any of the team interested in this idea?

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Is this affected if I backup/restore to a new computer/browser, does the limit apply to the wallet (so I can move it around using backup/restore) or it is linked to the machine it was created on?

I have the same issue. Burned through this unpublished limit. I have removed Brave from all my PCs until this is fixed. Very frustrating.

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