BAT Disappeared From Local Wallet


Relatively new to brave, but absolutely love the browser. Getting BAT as a reward is a nice perk and I believe in the BAT project and the vision therein. It really is transformational and will likely be the way that ads are delivered to most people 10 years from now. My first month of rewards for BAT disappeared from the wallet on my laptop. I have an image below that shows the issue. I was awarded that BAT, it appeared in my wallet for a few days then disappeared. It shows up as me having received it, but my wallet is empty. I do not have an uphold account yet, as I distrust their platform, and I can’t wait till we get integration with Gemini. No, I did not set up automatic tips, I didn’t tip anyone and there are no records of having sent my BAT to anyone. Looking for a solution. Thanks all!

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