BAT-Back feature in Brave! Please show your support!

Cash back is huge. Rakuten, MrRebates, .etc. Heck there is even a site called cashbackmonitor where you can see who pays you the most before you shop at any website. I use Rakuten and unfortunately I have to use Chrome to get my cashback. So I do everything in Brave, add things to my cart, and the last minute before I click submit, I have to go to Chrome, go through Rakuten addon, login again, and submit my order. Just FYI, the cashback I get is a lot more than the BAT I receive. Many online retail stores are trying to kill this by pushing their mobile apps where they don’t pay referrals and screw publishers who have ads but gets redirected to mobile apps on user’s devices. Not fair to publishers.

So this gave me a thought. How cool would it be if this was all seamless? Brave could have partnership with multiple websites, (they are all listed in cashbackmonitor) and for users who opt in, it automatically redirects through those sites for cashback purposes? But instead of cashback, those companies would buy BAT every month and pay users in BAT and Brave could get a cut for two reasons, 1. Suggesting and automatically choosing the highest cashback site 2. Masking the users by collecting and distributing all the cashback through Brave and Gemini, 3. Users not having to install any add-ons 4. The last reason to keep Chrome is now void!

I am sure there are a lot of users who have to continue using Chrome to get their cashback and I know URL redirection has been a sore subject in the past with Brave, So this could be the opportunity of a win-win where users LOVE tripling their BAT earnings every month and Brave gets a new revenue stream.

My last topic on this subject was automatically removed by bots however a poll about this on community call earned 100% votes, so I have created this message again and if you would be interested in earning tens of BAT every month just for keeping your shopping inside Brave (and outside of mobile apps) please up vote this and let Brave know you are interested!