BAT-Back feature in Brave

Everytime I shop online, I have to go to places like Cashbackmonitor to find out who is currently giving the most cashback for my specific website, create an account with them and click through to get my cash back. I also have to leave Brave and go to Chrome so that cashback works properly (which sucks).

So this gave me this thought, what if I could get rid of the ONLY other addon I have in my browser, the Rakuten cashback addon? What if I could get my cashback in BAT instead and I could watch it grow next to my regular BAT?

Then I thought, this will probably create a bunch of legal and contractual paperwork to sign up vendors and track purchases etc.

So to make it a lot easier, Brave could partner with Rakuten, BeFrugal, MrRebates, or one of many other available companies to provide cashback in form of BAT tokens deposited in the same bucket as users monthly ad revenue, in Uphold or Gemini.

Maybe eventually Brave can have its own cashback technology, but for a quick start I recommend partnering with one of the largest in the business.

These click through cashback companies make millions in referrals fees from all of these online stores and pays out millions to their users, including myself (believe me, its a LOT more than my BAT ad income in 3 years even after BAT has done a 6x).

Summary of BAT-Back program (instead of Cash-back):

  1. Brave corporation can get a cut of the cashback from all its uses who opt in
  2. Cashbackpartner site will be very interested because they will suddenly have a huge influx of Brave users added to their system
  3. BAT token markets will see large monthly buy orders coming from Cashback company to buy BAT tokens so they could pay the users (technically, Uphold or Brave will manage that)
  4. Most cashback sites do not properly work on Brave, many actually warn you and some simply dont provite the cashback if you use Brave. Users have to leave Brave and use Chrome at the last page of their online store purchase checkout process. Many users will be discouraged from using Brave if they have to keep switching to Chrome to get the correct cashback.
  5. Recently, a community poll saw a 100% Yes vote for this feature.

Rewards from purchases integrated with Brave and given in BAT!?



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