No BAT for confirmed referrals

Hello, I haven’t recieved any Bat for confirmed referrals from two days, I have a lot of new confirmations from my many campaigns, but my Bats are still the same, I would be extremly grateful for help, Best Regards,


i have the same problem!

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I guess I’m having the same problem…

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The same now again, no BAT for confirmed referrals again. I hope it’s element of anti fraud system. I believe it will be solved soon. I think we shouldn’t worry, Regards :slight_smile:

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I have 20 users who have confirmed but why the amount I received is only equivalent to 12 users. My users have received from June 18 until now

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Does anyone meet this situation like me?

Today, there are two new user confirmations; I get the BAT reward equivalent to 2 users, but what about the previous eight users’ reward? anyone who meets this situation like me please like commenting and interacting with this topic

Hello @Superau, I have the same situation, I have many confirmations but only part of Bat for this. I would not worry, we should wait few days for solution, this has already happened before. Let me know if you know something new. We should be patient, I’m sure they know what they do, I hope we do not have anything to worry about,

Best Regards.


I have the same problem!

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i have same problem one of my referrals shown confirmed ,but no additional BAT on my account.

Yes same, up sir :slight_smile:

me too please fix it

Hi, tell me please, is it only with one of your referrals? Do another referrals work ok and show new Bats? Regards,

yes one 1 referrals wont show, i had total balance of 104.80 BAT for 9 referrals then end of the month its 10 referrals show but no additional BAT on my account.

For me there are 5 that it doesn’t show the new bats

@archr3d @kloux thanks for reply, so all we can is waiting, I hope they resolve this problem soon, we are waiting for news from Brave Team, Best Regards.

welcome sir, we hope it will fixed soon.

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same here mate !,
not received all confirmed referrals BAT. only some of the BATs i received.
rest are confirmed but not receiving any BAT. Hope this will get fixed soon.

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Any changes? I have just recieved new Bats, not all, but some new, I hope this information will calm you down a bit and this issue will be soluted soon, Regards Good People and I’m really sorry for my English =)

The same problem: there were 6 referrals and 90 BAT, then there were 8 referrals, and the number of BAT did not change. Today 9 verified referral was added, and for the previous 2 they approved the payment. What to do with it?