Brave hangs on financial sites

Brave hangs when I I go to my online bank account (HSBC) and my other credit card accounts. I am unable to proceed with my log in details. I get the Windows message asking if I want wait or exit the page. This does not happen when I then use Chrome. I prefer Brave but it is no use for my financial web sites.

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Thank you for reaching out.
Can you please tell me what version of the browser you’re using? Additionally, if you turn Shields off (lion icon in the address bar) for this site, does it work then or do you still get the same issue?


I have latest update 1.42.97

I have turned off the Shields and after entering my user name and clicking “continue” I am unable to proceed. I get the revolving star -if you know what I mean - as if searching. This goes on for some time and I can’t go to the next stage of using my digital key.

Which regional HSBC site? US? Assuming US, can you add ||^ into brave://adblock and then Enable Aggressive Ads/Trackers in shields on HSBC.


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It’s HSBC in the UK.

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Okay, try this:

  1. Add ||^ into brave://adblock (Custom filters, Save)
  2. Also add a new line, tmx_post_session_params_fixed) into brave://adblock (Custom filters, Save)
  3. Change Ads/Trackers = Aggressive in brave://settings/shields

Refresh website and relogin into


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