Restore key not working


yet another issue with restoring brave wallets. Does it actually work? Is the intention it should work?

I started using Brave in August, I immediately made a backup of the security phrase. Today I tried restoring my browser. Before restoring my wallet I made a backup of the current wallet, it had rewards for like 1 ad.

After backing up that Wallet i tried restoring my old wallet, it seemed as it accepted the phrase but no saldo was shown (seems to be standard for a lot of people), when checking around it seems I have restored nothing. There is no balance and no history ( I had roughly 4 - 6 $ worth of BAT).
Now it accepts neither old or current phrase. I have the 24word phrase. ¨

Why do you make it so hard to manage this? :confused: With the previous version of BAT browser (roughly 1-2months ago) it was not even possible to backup your wallet (but previous version had this function?!).

Please help, I know it´s not a big amount but I need to have my faith restored before using this browser again.


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