Background ads now counting in confirmed ads

this is what my tab looks like when I am working light.

I noticed in the recent nightly update 1.22.22 once you see background ads it count on the reward page. I open an avg of 70 tabs a day with in 8 hours and I see those ads at least 12times a day.
Now they are now showing on the reward pannel do they affect the 20 ads a day limit. I know they are being confirmed so do we get a token refill if just background ads have made us max out our token allocation before the normal time limit. I get a token refill once every 48 hours. This development means I would need one at least once every 24 hours.
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I just discovered it is also on mobile. I know I havent’t seen up to 100 ads notification this month and I check my reward page for mobile and I see over 100 then I open a new tab background ads shows and the value goes up. I was shocked. I use Brave on mobile for like 6hrs everyday

NTP images are counted separately and will not subtract from your daily total.