Adds have stopped

The reward ads were very far between and now seem to have stopped all together. I made sure ads were on and at 5 per hour. How do I fix this. I want to get the BATS yo. Any help would be nice


same problem here even after i updated brave to the new version the problem is still

Sad to say but it seems as if the amount of ads you can view per day has been changed drastically from 20 to 5.


Yea the browsers good and I like tge security but it definitely comes with its drawbacks and limitations. Tge ad rewards are what interested me so… not thrilled.

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so they had to inform users cause in the settings there is the limitation per hour not per day
i know you’re just assuming but i guess it’s true

I also no longer receive rewards on my phone, but the ads still frequently pop up! I view them, yet my rewards account continually displays ZERO pending rewards. This started about 6 months ago. I posted about the problem a couple of weeks ago, but no response from Brave at all. Now they’re teetering on some false advertisement claims.

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