No more popup-ads & background tab ads (Fixed it)


I’m new to this community but I’ve been using Brave for a long time!
For the past two weeks I haven’t seen any popup ad on Brave - although I get desktop notifications for all my other websites. I still get ads on my tab background :

But I am not rewarded for them.
What I’ve tried so far :

  • Update the browser
  • Turn on/off the ads & restart the PC
  • Checked how many ads are available in my country (26 atm)
  • Uninstall and install back the browser

Am I missing something here?


Edit : I tried to connect my UpHold account and I started to get ads again. Hope it will stay!


see my comment here:

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Thanks @kevers05 but I used to be paid for them and it worked.

I’ve just tried to verify my wallet with Uphold and a pop-up ad suddenly appeared when I sent my ID card. Hope it will fix it!

Hello, I have the same problem. It’s been like 3 days… no ads… :confused:

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