How often ad pays?

Hello, i’m new with Brave Browser. I putted 5 ads/h but i don’t understand how often the ad images in a new tab pays. Im not taking money on mobile since 10 hours ago, why it doesn’t pay max 5 ad for h?

Hi, @pizza96, I think you should take the time to read the FAQ about the Rewards and how they work. It will clear up any misunderstanding you may have about the program:

There are multiple links in this post that I suggest you go through, as well.

Also, there is currently an issue with the Rewards counter, so it is unreliable right now. Support is working on a fix.

I see ads when i open a new Tab, that’s not my question.
I’m asking how often the images AD that i see sometimes when i open a new tab pays

Every 4 tabs/reloads you open.

If you’ve restarted it, you need to have 2 new tabs/reloads before an ad appears.

(So it will cost some F5)

New tab ads have two caps: 4 per hour and 20 per 24 hours (among days).
So if you got 4 at 4 pm, 4 at 5 pm, 4 at 6 pm, 4 at 7 pm and 4 at 8 pm today, you won’t get anything until tomorrow at 4 pm.


Perfect thank you mate :slight_smile: