Brave Ads are not getting counted in Brave Wallet

I have been seeing this issue every two days week. Again I am getting this same issue since yesterday. I am receiving sponsored images as well as brave ads but these are not getting counted in my brave wallet both in desktop and in android, I don’t know when this issue will be resolved completely.
Also, the sponsored images I am receiving are supported in my region because I was rewarded for sponsored images of same brand few days back.
Please brave ads management team kindly through your kind attention to this issue, as it comes in existing in week or two week.
Looking forward for promt action from your side.
Thank you


Hi @Gaurav8287
Welcome to the Brave Community!
Basically, if you refresh the homepage continuously or opening a new tab continuously then the ads won’t get counted!
and if you are using it normally then just clear the cache and data from your browser(reset) and use it again! the ads will be counted! The ad counter glitches sometimes but in the backend, all ads are being counted! so don’t worry!
All the best!

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Thanks for letting me know :+1:
But at least for reaching some dollars I have to refresh the page every two hours, then I will be able to reach amount like 0.20 to 0.30 cents a day.
I do searches, view my binane wallet and many more things.
And brave is only offering 30 to 40 sponsored images in whole day that are paid.

hello @Gaurav8287

sponosr image has some rules

  1. max 4 ads will be counted per hour even if you get it 1000 times
  2. max 20 per day
  3. if it from your catalog also make sure the ads link match the exact link from your catalog
    for example check those 2 image

Screenshot from 2021-04-10 20-27-47

the one with /fortified will count but the other will not

clear cache would not make ads count

it would be better to read and learn how the reward system work than give people false info

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