Search page ads not counted anymore in the rewards

Hello guys,

I noticed recently that the ads from the search page (the one when you open a new tab in brave) are counted as 0.01BAT per shown ad, in the limit of 5 per hour (that is the limit set for my rewards settings).
However, this suddenly stopped, since I no longer get them counted in the rewards. I still get the ads, but no count.

Is this a widespread bug or is it something wrong with my browser?

Thanks in advance

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Hello @Ucinus

they has daily limit also per hour and per day same as the notifications ads has limit

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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didn’t really helped, since that limit should have been reset today for example, but the ads still don’t count for the rewards.

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day mean last 24 hours

do you mean you get ads notifications but the counter does not update or something else?

Is this available in Philippines?

Hello @marilynbdetorres

according to that page

there 14 advertiser in your country

@Ucinus another thing sponsor image will count when you are from country that the advertiser want to promote their service there

so sometime you will see image but not counted also

ok, that makes sense then

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