My Ads counter is frozen


I’ve been using Brave for quite a while. I usually get few push notifications in both my Windows and Android, and few background ads as I open new tabs while working on my computer, and I call it a day. Today I kept receiving background and push notification Ads but all of a sudden the counter stopped working. I keep getting background ads from new tabs but I stopped getting notifications, and although I see new ads as I open new tabs, they just don’t increase my counter of total ads seen, they also don’t appear in the ads history, and I obviously don’t get any bat from these ads. It happened a few times a few days ago and it just fixed from one day to another, but I would like to know what’s happening.

I don’t open new tabs too often, but throughout the day while working, so I don’t think it’s because of the limit of 10 ADS per hour.

I don’t have a verified wallet (still didn’t make it to 15 BAT). I’m from Spain, it happens in both my Android and Windows. I tried to restart my computer and my phone already.

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