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I noticed yesterday that Brave is following other tech companies in censoring content. I have RT News extension installed and Brave decides each time I start my PC that I should not have access to it. Sort of half works when you manually turn it back on. It is not up to Brave to decide that I can only see USA approved propaganda. I am an adult and want to read all sides of the story. The “Ghost of Kiev”, “Snake Island massacre” and “1200 killed in a theatre” stories were widely spread USA/Ukraine propaganda and proven to be lies, yet insightful input on a variety of topics has succumbed to USA Cancel Culture regime. Unimpressed at yet another tech titan telling me that I can only read USA approved propaganda.

@grumble This has already been discussed in other posts. Just an FYI, it’s not that places are doing it because they want to. Many governments (not just the United States, but also England and all), have put sanctions against Russia and have forbade businesses from certain things.

However, unlike others, Brave created a backdoor for you to be able to see things from places like RT News. Also important to remember is RT is still facing a lot of DDOS attacks and everything, to where the website isn’t even visible. As I was typing this, I went to go to rt.com and kept getting 403 Forbidden on Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Chrome.

Try randomly and it eventually comes up, but it’s all a roll of the dice.

Of course, by time it loads, no guarantee that when you click on links and all, that it will work. So I’m not sure what you’re specifically mentioning when you say that Brave is censoring, but I can guarantee that’s not the case.


I noticed DDG is censoring as well.

Yeah, DDG and Google announced they are modifying search results. In contrast, Brave refuses to do it.

That said, Brave has talked about how Goggles will allow governments to have some influence over what results might appear in their region, but Brave’s search results will not be touched. What this means is VPN may be important if you’re in some regions, such as how it’s been for people in China for a long time. Unfortunately governments are going a little too far in their attempts to control information.

What I remind people is that we’re in a war ourselves, over information. Places like Brave that are fighting for freedom of information and privacy have to play it smart. Sometimes they have to strategically withdraw or lose a particular fight, but they are always coming up with options and will pull as many victories as possible. As much as we or they would love to defiantly tell governments to screw off, we all know that imprisonment, fines, loss of licenses, etc all then would come into part.

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I left DDG long ago after knowing they have their hands dirty. Prresearch is along Brave in this misinformation war. By the way, Does Brave Search any plan to join forces with Gibiru and/or Gigablast search engines? It’d be an interesting move with some of the privacy focused earliest search engines.

I don’t have a clue. To be honest, I never even heard of those. My assumption would be that they won’t, as Brave is trying to have something completely independent and is working on newer methods for search results.

Not sure if you’ve seen me link this elsewhere or found it yourself, but if you want to learn more about how Brave is building their search engine, the types of data it collects, and how they are trying to increase accuracy…it might be good to read.

Should be repeatedly reminded Brave was founded by someone who had no issue in trying to censor/blackmail people and information that was not to his liking.
When not that long ago he was caught spreading misinformation himself and users started having concerns over it, he had moderations over the Brave subreddits ban people over false misinformation claims.

Startpage is a better privacy search option than DuckDuckGo. A bit basic looking, but does the job. I read negative things about DDG and moved last week

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Should enable brave://flags/#brave-adblock-cookie-list-default to remove that RT cookie message :slight_smile:

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Perfect!! thank you!

DDG and Google announced they are modifying search results

Holymacarony! hahaha DDG surprised me)
looks like nowadays “decentralization” in crypto :clown_face::earth_asia::ok_hand::rofl:
that sentence was funny already when mining pools started. but today its just rofl. all “decentralized” all the ways, ahahahaha, but more then half of internet hosted at 3 majors aws, g, azure. but ya, decentralization :ok_hand::rofl:
and iam even doesn’t look deeper at nodes (we all know who is the main owner of the biggest staking node/validator at every somehow known blockchain lol.)
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Aboout Gibiru and Gigablast, just give them a try

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