Brave abstain from Politics

I suggest that Brave abstains from politics to the utmost extent. One of the latest background pictures has a theme which is highly controversial.


Let me guess, you talking about this ad that someone paid to put?

It’s an ad for where they say Support Ukraine and receive a limited edition Ukrainian Mech.

Yes, it’s that one. I simply disabled sponsored content so it’s gone now. I hadn’t seen that it was a paid ad until someone pointed it out. It falls under freedom of speech so they are welcome to place their ad. I trust that someone who wishes to place a pro-Russia ad is allowed to do so under the same terms. The option to hide what you do not wish to see must be available though, and I’m happy that Brave and the few other free speech websites have this feature.

While I agree with you, don’t let yourself be so easily triggered. Trust me when I say it’s only going to get worse out there. Focus on what’s important. That’s where you will find your happiness.

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