Brave Today custom

Hey there, I’ve discarded Brave Today because it always show me news sites that are undisputable fake news garbage like CNN, NBC, Fox news, TNZ, the guardian, buzzfeed, the verge… just to name the most recurrent of said sites.

Is it possible to add the option for customize which sites are shown please? Having to rely on external sites to get a custom stream of news is quite tedious and since brave already have that functionality it would be nice if you guys could add a blacklist/whitelist of sites you want to read.


Sure, open a new window/tab and click “customize” at the bottom, then click “Brave Today” and you can turn off/on the sources.

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Oh daaamn never saw that option, however I don’t see how to add a site that’s not on the list, still thanks a lot mate, guess that unconsciously ignoring the bottom right side of the screen is now a habit for me.