Brave News propaganda feed?

I used to be able to see Brave News stories from the sources that I select and follow. While that is still the case, it is no longer the default setting. By default now, when I open a new tab page I am inundated with a bunch of crap I don’t care to read, follow, or see. What is the point of us selecting sources to follow if you’re just going to show us what you curated anyways?

I cannot find a setting to turn off the “For You” section in Brave news. How does one stop seeing “For You” by default and instead see the sources I follow?



I agree … this is a regression in my book.


I also just turned off Brave News after upgrading to the v2 version.

  1. I don’t understand it. What is “For you” and what is “Following”? Are they ordered by time? (no) Are the preference based? (maybe?) The documentation is not updated based on what I saw. Also how do I select the default view? It’s stuck on a specific source and no-matter what I try new tabs still show that specific source as default view now. I’m sure I changed it accidentally before by simply clicking on that one source, so why is it stuck now?

  2. It’s slower. I have 728 sources added to brave news. It was never slow. New tabs are now sometimes horrible and clicking on “for you” is even worse. I’m sure that 728 sources is not common but whatever, that’s how I used it, it worked, or it seemed like it was working at least. Now it’s not…

  3. It now shows me news from The Guardian. :face_vomiting: Well ok I suppose that means that “for you” is not for me. :slight_smile:


Hello - I will bring this feedback to the team. You can revert back at brave://flags #brave-news-feed-update


Revert back how? This goes nowhere. I have also turned off the obnoxious new version of Brave news. BTW, even choosing the block the numerous unwanted sites does nothing to block them.


Enter brave://flags in your URL bar and search for #brave-news-feed-update. You can disable it and relaunch. This should give you the old version. Thanks!


Many thanks! I’m back at using news with the old UI. :slight_smile:


Thank you, it worked. Glad to have my own news back!

Many thanks! I was about to disable the whole feed

Thank you. This worked.

It seems to be a bug. The news feed was showing me many sources that I explicitly did not want.

Does this affect Brave News ads if you revert back to the old?

Also, the other comment was correct – the new Brave News does not respect your wishes. If a garbage organization like The New York Times pops a story up, and I choose the “…” and “Hide stories from The New York Times” option, that has no effect. The Hide option basically doesn’t work.

I have complained about this too, looks like everyone is posting here.

I have seen it promote questionable news sources that promote regressive leftist conspiracy theories like vanity fair, the CBC, the BBC, CNN, rock paper shotgun, etc, there should be a better option to disable the bad feature than enabling the old version of the news fuction.

Speaking of questionable sources, the South China Morning Post was also suggested despite being PRC propaganda.

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