Autoplay media popup

When I go to a website, I get a popup starting with the URL of the website that states the website wants to autoplay media. I have the choice to allow or block. I get this popup on every site I visit and it’s VERY annoying. Is there any way to stop this popup?

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I am also having this issue. Brave is not respecting the autoplay setting. I checked and it’s on ALLOWED.

I hope someone weighs in on this. It’s driving me crazy! EVERY site I go to, I get this damn popup!!

Update, this happens even on websites where it’s all text and nothing at all to autoplay. Sure wish a helpful person replies soon.

Here it is:


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@tanker I switched over to Brave Nightly and didn’t see the issue again. A fix is probably coming down the pipes. If it’s driving you insane enough (it has for me) maybe try to Brave Nightly builds.

Thanks. I’m a senior citizen and not that up on tech. I don’t know anything about nightly build or how to do it. If you think a fix is coming, I’ll put up with it, It IS driving me insane too!

Just wondering, Have you tried to see if Chrome has this issue?

@tanker the autoplay is a Brave feature. There is no problem in Chrome. Brave Nightly is the same browser but it has the latest updates so think of it as the upcoming features (

OK. Thanks for the explanation. I’ll try to wait for the fix if I don’t wind up pulling out what little hair I have over this!

I am having this exact same issue, it definitely is extremely annoying popping up on nearly any new website I visit. It remembers the setting if I hit block, but this was never happening a few weeks ago and I’ve been using Brave for years.

The issue continues to persist even in most latest update: 1.18.75

Found the following info. The issue has been posted, but no reply from anyone on the Brave team. What else can be done??..
Brave is a new, innovative, and ambitious project with many moving parts. While our team is extremely talented and driven, you’re likely to encounter bugs sometimes while browsing. You can help us continue to improve our product and deliver a better browsing experience by bringing these bugs you encounter to our attention. The best way to do that is by visiting our Community website and posting the issue you are encountering for our Support and Brave Team staff to see.

I like the autoplay allow or block feature. On a lot of other browsers ive used in the past, it has been useless and ineffective. When I block autoplay in Brave it is solving some very annoying issues on a few websites I use. For example, those irritating autoplay videos that minimize and follow you down the page. Considering how useful it is, and I dont clear site settings so it isnt recurring, I dont mind the popups personally. One click and sorted.

A little buggy though. Whether I block or allow youtube, videos pause when the curser is moved over the info bar. I use Freetube quite a lot though, so not a huge deal. I have wondered whether this is an adblock / google trying new things situation, maybe it is, and I dont know. Occasionally autoplay ad videos will get through the block, but is it quite rare.

Installing AutoplayStopper stopped videos autoplaying for me and for others. YMMV.

Search Brave Community. Autoplay is discussed in this thread (amongt others) including mention (Krebs on Security and Ars Technica) of some perils in installing and relying on extensions.

I’m not worried much at this time about auto play. I’m trying to stop the autoplay popup on EVERY website I go to. Even those that contain NO videos. Wish someone from the Brave team looks at this post!

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I think I understand the distinction you’re making between a pop-up asking about playing video and autoplay. My experience: installing the AutoplayStopper extension eliminates both. Try it. I you don’t like it, uninstall it.

Will wait here too. Extremely annoying behavior. AutoplayStopper does not eliminate popup for me unfortunately.

AutoplayStopper does not eliminate popup for me either. Brave says to post something in this forum to report a bug, but no one with Brave has weighed in on this. Sad support!

Could you guys post a URL so I can check if I have the same problem?

It’s not a bug its asking permission to autoplay, I’d think that’s an expected action.

tagging the Brave Support team: @Aa-ron @steeven