The Auto Play is kinda buggy

Ive notice a slight problem with the Disable Auto Play feature of Brave.
When I turn off the Autoplay on a site, videos that usually play when the site loads up completely, dont play, which is fine and it’s what the feature is supposed to do. But the only problem is, if I were to turn down the volume of the video while it’s playing, the video just stops playing and I have to click it to resume. I checked if it was my addons or my settings, but the only thing that seems to be causing this problem is the Disable Autoplay Feature in the Site Settings. I humbly ask that this gets fixed. It’s totally ok if it doesnt or if The Brave Team doesnt have time to fix the bug. I’m sure that Brave support is (if not overwhelmed) more focused on more serious problems that risk a user’s privacy. But if you can, I would really appreciate this getting fixed. It would help out a lot. Thanks for reading.

This post is purely constructive criticism. I dont hate brave at all. I just want Brave to be the bowser I always dreamed of and if they fix little bugs here and there that are really convenient, I would be so thankful.