I want to stop ALL autoplay

I do not want videos to autoplay in my browser.

I do not want ANY videos to autoplay.


No exceptions.


And yet, I cannot stop it. My default autoplay setting is Block, yet Youtube says it is set to Allow. When I try to change that setting to Block, it sets itself to Allow. When I set it to “Block (default)”, it sets itself to “Allow (default)”.

This is unacceptable.


I have the same issue The main reason i migrated to brave was for the video blocking and ad blocking - neither are working on my desktop (win 1 pro) and my Android S9+. Is there a solution to these issues?

Youtube keeps autoplaying, no matter how I juggle the settings. Firefox manages this. Looking at past forum posts, it seems to be an ongoing issue with YT.

+1. Auto-plays here too - but not all websites, maybe 70% of sites I visit.

(I’m testing Brave and Opera as a replacement to Chrome, so seeing the same behavior doesn’t provide much incentive to switch).

Quick easy answer: Install AutoplayStopper as an extension.

More complicated detailed answer: Brave’s Autoplay behavior is dictated by Chromium. Mid/late summer 2019, Chromium eliminated a previously-available flag that users could edit to control autoplay policy. Absent that editable flag, our only recourse is to install a 3rd-party extension. The good news: my experience with AutoplayStopper and reports I’ve read are generally favorable.

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I just switched to trying to main Brave today (I’ve used it briefly here and there in the past) and hadn’t noticed this issue. Just tested it and yeah, it seems like the auto-play block setting doesn’t actually work correctly for me either.