Autocontribute Automatic Opt-In? Refund?


Just recently I found out from my partner, who has been using Brave for around the same time I have, had about 42 BAT. This surprised me because I have always had a minimum amount of BAT, despite having Brave for about 7 months. After doing some troubleshooting, I found out that my browser had auto-contribute on. Was this something turned on automatically? I did not turn this option on.

I’ve lost about 7 months of BAT from pretty frequent internet usage due to auto-contribute. I’ve emailed both the Refund and the Support Brave emails, but I received emails that both were closed at this time. Can I somehow get a refund on this? I’ve seen other people on Reddit mention that they’ve gotten refunds through emailing, but clearly this isn’t the case here.

I have information from my Rewards internals if it’s needed.

Thanks for the help. I’d like to keep continuing to use and support Brave if this can be resolved.

Edit: Can I get some advice on how to turn off auto-contribute on my mobile browser, too? I just looked through the settings on the browser and did not find any option to turn this off. I do not want this to happen on my mobile browser too.


I am in the same situation. I’ve been using Brave since day one, but it’s only very recently that I’ve become interested in cryptocurrencies. On my Brave wallet, there are currently 168 BATs for contributors, undistributed and locked (still pending). I have disabled auto-contribution which was enabled by default, and I would now like to get them back for me.

I hope to get some answers here.

Thank you.

Edit: I looked in my second computer, and I have the same problem in my Brave browser. There are 173 locked BATs. I have linked the browser to my Uphold wallet, and I would like to get those tokens back.

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Apologies but I’m not sure I understand, are you (both) saying that your funds were actually contributed to Creators? Or did the browser attempt to send them but was unsuccessful?

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As you can see on the screenshot attached, the BATs are locked for contribution, because of the auto-contribute option that was enabled by default. I would like to send these BATs back to my personal account. I followed the process described in this post, but I haven’t received any answer so far: Acknowledgement of the Auto-Contribute issue on Brave browser

Thank you

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Hi @Sebaste, can you DM me your wallet ID? Thank you.

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Hi @steeven, hi @Mattches, did you receive my message with my Wallet ID? Let me know if I can do anything. Thanks! :slight_smile:

This also happen to me twice. last 2 months and this month also. is there any solution for this?

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