Auto Contribute issues need refund

I recently installed Brave on my computer and connected the wallet and it sent an auto contribution without my approval. I didn’t even turn the feature on and I am not using the SYNC feature. I just connect my uphold account. How do I get my BAT back?

Hi welcome to the Brave community @goffy59
Forward your issue to :point_down:

CC to @steeven


I sent the email and it says its now closed or something along those lines… Did it get through?? is this just a auto reply letting me know not to keep sending it?

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I have not received my refund. I also now have problems when claiming my rewards. It goes from saying heres 2.1 bat to 1.5? What the heck? I may consider just switching back to chromium and use adblock. I don’t like all this extra level of failure offered by brave. Please do what you say, not what you mean.

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