Auto Fill turned off but WalMart website autofills

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Description of the issue: After turning of autofill, deleting all browsing data and cookies when I go to site the autofill window still pops up. I deleted the PW from password manager and the site does not autofill. This is the only site that tries to autofill.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. The issue is site specific so I’m not sure
  2. Possibly to reproduce one would need to have an active account w/ password

Expected result: I’m entering the discussion to get Brave users with more experience with the browser to help me determine if the issue is browser related or associated with site since it. is the only site tryin got autofill with “autofill” turned off

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.52.126 Chromium: 114.0.5735.133 (Official Build) (arm64)

Additional Information: I have a screen shot of the related pop-up on the site

Can you share that screenshot please? Additionally, to confirm, above you said

Did you intend to say that the site still autofills here?

I get this if I put the password for the site in password manager.
If I select the purple icon (Log) next to my email the icon opens a pop up to remove the site but actually does not. Next time I visit the sight the pop up reappears Unless I remove site from manager. Note: print behind is from Brave Bookmarks. pop up.png

So I was able to reproduce this issue myself when I went to However, after going to Settings --> Autofill --> Passwords, I searched for the Walmart entry here, deleted it and am now not seeing this sign-in pop up appear any more.

To clarify, are you saying that even with no login entry in your Autofill —> Passwords you still see this sign in pop up appear when you go to sign into

Matches. What you see is the same as my experience.I deleted the site and PW from auto fill and like you the popup did not come up. I went back and entered the id and pw and allowed Brave to save it; pop up returned. So, I removed them again. I am confused why the ONE site has the pop up with autofill disabled; See screen shot. All others populate the used ID and Password but do not create the pop up.

Matches, here’s the screen shot.

I’ve asked the team but it’s likely due to some sort of hidden login element on the screen. Asking the team about it now but in the meantime — is there a particular reason you want to eliminate the behavior? As far as I can tell, it is the same as if you were to click into the login field and do it manually.

Your are correct, it’s the same as if I were to enter login field and enter the password manually and that’s what the password manager, in theory, is supposed to eliminate. The new versions of Safari defaults ALL cross tracking so each time I used it I had to go to settings and uncheck to log into sites so I started using Brave because I can allow cross tracing by site for those requiring it within their software. So I stopped using Safari. I have all the sites purchase, my banking, and credit card log ins added to password manager, So would be more convenient NOT to have to remember . My Memory isn’t as good as it used to be, so for now I have bookmark set to text a code so I don’t have. (Screen Shot Attached)
It just occurred to me: The Pop Up was not an issue before switched from my of Late 2015 Intel iMac (OS Monterey ) to a Mac Mini M2 (OS Ventura). That one little pop up isn’t going to run me off when I compare the Brave functionality for my needs to Safari’s One Size Fits All….

Thank You for the assist….

Just an update: First time in about a month, Last night I logged into my account with It too wants to autofills with "Autofill turned off in Brave Settings. So, I did the same as with the log I set it to text a verification code. (I see the previously posted image of the Walmart log in has use password selected but it was corrected the last time I used the account)

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