Brave + Walmart Website + PIN = Password

Problem: Went to Walmart to check on meds. Using KeyPass to enter sensitive information. KeyPass put in username and password. Walmart then asked for my PIN. But when I put it in the PIN changed to my password. So I thought it was KeyPass. Disabled KeyPass. Still happened. REMOVED KeyPass. Still happened. Turns out Brave, for some weird reason, is putting in a password. So I went to the Password area. Everything is turned off and there are no passwords (according to Brave at least) stored in Brave at all. (I turned them all off because, as I said, I use KeyPass.) So an unknown reason for this happening.

Ideas? Suggestions? I can send screen shots if you need them. Uploading Password screen. Note there are NO passwords saved. I have a video showing me putting in my PIN and it changing to a password. (Nothing but dots are shown.)


@kramem I just want to clarify, are you sure it’s a password being shown? In other words, I’m wondering if you have anything else under Autofill that it might be trying to plug in, such as from addresses or payment methods, if you have anything saved there.

Part of why I ask is a long time ago it was either Chrome or Brave that tried putting in my Zip Code as my Pin. So whether it be that or even trying to input your CVV from something like Debit card in there. I haven’t had that happen in a long time, but guess just wondering if that might be happening with you?

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