My autofill stopped working on all websites and apps

My autofill and saved login and passwords is not working. I dont know what changed but i now have to manually login on every everytime. it will not save or repopulate. Please help so annoying

Hi @thirstnrokwoll welcome to Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you go to: brave://settings/passwords

Is Offer to save passwords or Auto Sign-in toggled on or off?

Is there anything listed under the Never Saved or Saved Passwords sections?

They’re all turned on auto fill and passwords. I’ve tried a lot of things already including uninstall and reinstall, resetting all settings, and searching Brave blogs for hours trying to find a solution.

And there’s nothing saved under the never saved list

Thanks for checking,

When you log into a site do you get a prompt to save the password?
Could you check if you might have Passwords and other sign in data checked under Clear browsing data?


Check these

  1. If you have sync on, make sure everything is checked under customize sync
  2. Check if the issue persists by working in a new private window.
  3. Create a new profile, import bookmarks and password and see if the problem persists.Hi
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2.It was not checked

my autofill is still not working, but only on 1 computer? please help

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