Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents for (brave://flags/)

I hate white/light theme, however, in some cases or sites you need to be able to switch back to it easily without quirks, hassles or work arounds that are not only annoying, time consuming but frustrating. Some sites have poor accessibility using dark mode, so you need to switch back, and when you do, you get flash banged. There is no off or on switch for the mode, or an off or on switch for sites, why not? I do not see how this would be so hard to program, since its not that difficult, and would be an amazing feature to implement.

There should be a rule or exception to add a site or multiple sites to be except from Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents, for example Steam login as it prevents the QR code from scanning as the white is not as white as it was, and gets replaced with some weird grey, and Amazon where the PNG or transparent images seem to have issues.

The word around that only worked temporarily on Amazon for me, was to install another Dark Theme extension for the browser and enable and then disable it on Amazon, then the website would force itself to go even Darker, and then once I disabled it, it went to white theme and only some of the text looked a bit weird in colour but every product image on the website was fine.

Below is a linked article to how it works on mobile, and this should be the same thing on Desktop, but for some reason its not? There is nothing in the settings menu to enable or disable dark theme, or enable or disable dark theme for this specific site, and it should be a feature implemented into the browser.

I should not be going into brave://flags/ to disable and enable the setting every time I wish to use Amazon or Steam on the browser. Because dark mode is simply broken on those websites, and then I get flash banged on other websites as a result if I forget to turn it back on. And there is nothing in the settings that relates to personality or themes that could also resolve it. This is a missing feature that could be implemented. In the settings bar, quite simply add an option “Enable/Disable Light/Dark theme for current site”. This will be a bit tedious since you will need to enable and disable it every time and for site specific cases, so another option would be adding a setting in the personalisation section along the lines of “Add dark mode exceptions for web contents”.

Doing one or two of the suggestions would make it a lot better to not get flash banged, would save you time, annoyance and sanity, and would be a good feature to implement on sites that simply break when you are trying to read them in a darker theme as they aren’t designed for that. Its a win win for everyone, and I don’t see how it would be that hard to program and implement into the browser.

Did anyone else experience this issue or only me? I bet you there are way more sites than amazon and steam that are having issues with forced dark mode on web contents, but I haven’t looked much into other sites.