Dark Mode on any websites

Hey, I think it would be great if Brave is able to “copy” Samsung Browser’s dark mode or Opera’s night mode, because (I think) what most people mean by dark mode is, it’s not just the interface that turned dark, but also the webpages.

@xaveriusjuan not officially supported. But you can enable flags – the option’s inherited from Chromium.

  • Go to chrome://flags
  • Search for Force Dark Mode for Web Contents
  • Enable the setting and relaunch Brave.


Hello friend, which option is best to enable? Is one option better that the other? Also is there anywhere a description to let myself decide which is best? As it is its too technical for me to understand ( i enabled the plain ‘enable’ option, but it makes the pages grayish and i wish to have an amoled black background)…
Thanks in advance!!!
@eljuno any help?
I guess no help :unamused:

I can’t get it working on brave v1.10.94 on android. Nothing happens when I change the “Force Dark Mode for Web Contents” flag, even after rebooting. On chrome on the same phone it works as expected. Is this a bug in new version ? Any ideas how to get it working?

Is it enough to Enable This one or is it better to activate the second Option Android Chrome ui dark mode Tab reparenting, too? Or is there no need for that?