Force Light Mode for Web Contents

There is already a flags option for forcing dark mode on web content, I want the opposite option to force light mode on content.

I have windows set to dark, I would like my brave UI to also be dark. UI and web content are not the same thing. On a mobile device with OLED displays dark mode has the purpose of saving battery life. However on desktop this is not the case and dark mode web content is hard for my eyes to read.

With more and more websites following the advertised theme from the browser/OS, this is becoming a much bigger problem esspecially since many sites require an account logged in to change that preference which is a privacy concern or provide no option to configure it. A flag option to force light mode for web content would solve it altogether.

It could even be that when Force Dark Mode for Web Contents is set to disabled, that forced content to Light Mode where default would follow the browser/OS theme. I already tried setting it to disabled and did not get the desired result. I am forced to set my browser theme to light to get web content to use light.

Or an option to have web content ignore or not be able to see browser/os theme settings.