Use Night Mode Without Restart the Browser

Brave have a force dark mode feature, but if you don’t restart browser you can’t use it, need to restart browser every time if you want to use a feature is a terrible idea. Chrome had a Darken websites checkbox in themes settings flags before, but they removed it. Brave can bring it back.

  1. Darken flag was removed because it was let to expire, that’s what happens with experimental features and flags.

  2. Flag is coming back om 119, it was extended until Chromium 125

  3. go to brave://flags/#enable-force-dark and select Enabled with simple CIELAB-based inversion Enabled with selective inversion of non-image elements which work the same and are the best and don’t invert images.
    Why do you have to turn it off? I know some developers are lazy and don’t give native dark mode nor check their websites against the Auto dark mode.

  4. Like I have told people 30 million times in this forum, you don’t need a checkbox or wait until flag is available again.

  5. You always had the power to fix dark mode. In Android is not as nice as desktop for the lack for Devtools but it still can be done without turning the flag off.

    Just use the adblocker. The adblocker has :style() an action operator that can inject any CSS code in any HTML element, so you can do what Google says when they talk about opting out from Auto dark mode per page and per element

    Since Android doesn’t have devtools, it is easier just to optout per page, you only need to add only light;) and done, you can add more domains in the same rule separated by commas, so you don’t need to create a new rule per website.
    Of course, since you can inject any CSS property you can use :style() for anything, you can remove backgrounds and all that if that’s what causing Auto dark to be messed up, or remove some filter or background darken effects or whatever, so you can fix any Auto dark issue if you want, doing the job lazy web devs aren’t doing!

So yeah, there is no reason to wait for anything, you can do it today, tomorrow and it will always work in Android and Desktop.

Because I only want to use force dark mode when Brave is using dark theme, I don’t want website to use dark theme when browser is using light theme so I need to restart my browser to turn it off every time.