To Brave Software International 1.00 BAT

My Uphold wallet shows 1.00 BAT sent to Brave Software International. I did not authorize this. This is the second time. Why?

Their system is glitchy and they haven’t deemed this issue worthy of attention for several years.
You can file a ticket on their support page:

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Auto Contribute is ON by default and must be manually turned OFF.

Do you have multiple devices linked to your Uphold? If so, is Auto Contribute turned off on each of these devices? Please double-check your Rewards settings for each device. If you still have concerns please submit a ticket below.


Q: Wondering why can’t the default be off and let us choose?

I am no official support but I guess the answer lies in the idea of BAT. BAT was created so that we could compensate creators for the ads we did not see on their websites/pages. Therefore, I suppose that it’s been kept on. BAT was never meant to be a way for US to earn money but for creators.

I know, been here all along with a creator account too but as you know it didn’t really turn out as intended, and that’s not a bad thing for Brave or us, it just showed they were onto a good thing with a broader audience and utility. Such is the nature of growing a young business.

I’m just not a fan of any setting on any thing being set to on without me choosing, the very same privacy concerns that attracted me to Brave years ago. It’s one thing with cookies and data but when it comes to something of financial value (which BAT is once it reaches the Custodian) it seems to me we’re dealing with a different beast and it might be better to let users choose as they visit creator pages, so that they actually know random small amounts will disappear from their wallets!

It’s not affected me at all - just my take :woman_shrugging: :grimace: :grin:

Ohh yeah. I kinda agree on your take on this. Perhaps having a notification about auto-contribute being on, once in a while would be good, also along with what it does.

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Brave support returned the BATs to me. Thank you for your help to everyone.

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