Brave stops other app playing audio when switching tabs

iOS 17.0.1
Brave Version 1.57 (

Recently, Brave has started killing system audio from other apps when switching tabs, even if the new tab doesn’t have an auto-playing audio.

It just happened to me with this link.

I had opened that tab in the background and when I closed the previous tab so that one became foreground, my other app stopped playing audio. This has been happening for about a month. I often listen to baseball games while I read websites, and the game will just stop playing randomly when I switch tabs. I remember once it happened when I opened a tab in the background, but mostly it is when I switch.


Thank you for reaching out to us.
Can you please update the browser to the latest build — v1.59.117 at the time of writing this — and confirm for me whether or not you are still encountering this issue?

Thank you

I just updated, but it is version 1.58.2. I searched for brave beta download and don’t see a way to install that version.

I haven’t checked to see if it is still happening yet.

It is still happening.

Can you please tell me what other app you’re using when you see this behavior? What other app is it that is playing audio?

Really any other app that is doing audio.

I use White Noise that makes some noise to help me sleep. It also happens with MLB AtBat, but I won’t be using that again till April. I think with the Apple Music just happened with YouTube.

How do I install the latest version?

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