April 2022 Ads Payout Issues Update

Nah, there’s Gemini users out there too, just seen a post.

hi plzz help uphold user they have only recieved one payout of mobile phone only and their desktop rewards are pending plzz help them bro and me also is one from them

Many users are doing that. Several posts, threads going but no response by the admins

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same earned 19 bats was about to recieve 17 bat , but i didnt recieve it . and for past 2 weeks i am not recieving ads rewards

As far as I have seen, I saw in another post @steeven was saying the team has identified the issue that is related to Uphold and is fixing it now. Meanwhile for Gemini, they have not finished fixing even though it was identified days ago.

And also not all Gemini users have received, I am one of them.

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For Gemini users here — if you have not received a new claim option to claim your Rewards, please try restarting the browser completely then check again. If you still do not see the claim option, please send me a DM with your wallet payment ID and the subject line “No Gemini claim option” so I can take a closer look.

Thank you.

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Hi I didn’t receive my reward in March either.


So, we uphold users have to wait more time?

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Same here only received 0.75 (3 browsers x 0.25) the rest has still not been paid

I did raise my topic…and have now been waiting for over two weeks with no communication.

I feel ya homie, there is another guy named Stevenm or some thing like that asking people to send him their wallet ID in DM. I asked him str8 up if he could fix the issue and he nevers replies to answer my question.

I dm both of them and there were no news on my missing payment on Gemini too :’) First time this happening to me sigh

lets give them some time and patience

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Patience is alright and I believe a lot of ppl are having it too, just that May is already close and status is saying it has been completed and you are ghosted :smiling_face_with_tear:

thanks for update. I havent received any of those payments yet.
I have my Gemini Wallet verified and shows no deposit on this month.

Same here i have also dm ed both of them . I am also facing the same issue with wallet verified with gemini . May is coming near , i hope we get it before may

i sent a message directly to steven and even asked for help on threads like this and till now i have not received my april payment. i was supposed to get 4.9 bat but i received some 0.25 bat and that’s it. the rest wasnt even passed onto the next month. i don’t know where it is but brave messed up with payments big time!

Sadly i am still missing my payment…


I don´t receive BATS of 2 devices unfortunately

Did only received paiement from 1 of 3 browsers. Verified account as it works fine each month.
Could you help ?

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