2 BAT just disappeared from my account!

About a week ago when the first set of claims (multiple browers) came through each amount propped up as 0.25 BAT instead of the actual reward for March. After claiming it instantly appeared in the browser but when I went to check the gemini wallet attached, the amount was not there. Reading the community it was seen as a bug so I left it alone. Moments ago the proper amounts (cant remember if they were correct as never wrote them down) appeared again to claim, I claimed them and they appeared on the 3 browsers and once again vanished, I logged into my LINKED & VERIFIED gemini account and once again they still were not there. I went to other pages and then went back to the genimi accounts minutes later to check if it had updated and there are 2 x NEGATIVE 1 BAT transfers OUT of my account to Brave Grants even though I am NOT auto contribution to ANYONE.

So where is my 2 BAT and where is my March rewards?

Is there any actual brave support or should I just forget this browser and move back to google as the search engine there gets better results.

10 days since first post and 6 days since last post not a single response. THIS is the reason why BAT will never be popular, if this was google, they would have had the decency to at least say this is a known issue and we working on it or some sort of arbitrary or real response. your silence is deafening especially when you go on twitter and say the problem is resolved and yet here I see tons of people NOT happy.

Brave does not use a typical support system. They seem to handle issues more on a global notification system versus a one on one basis. And there is a lot of DYOR involved. First time I’ve ever encountered this type system and it takes some getting used to! Still drives me crazy sometimes. :wink:

There was a notice posted for Gemini users and I linked it below. Just follow the instructions in the notice. Do not post your wallet id! Just send it in a DM as instructed. Then wait. You probably will not receive a response that your DM has been received unless they need more information to resolve your issue. If you haven’t heard from them or your issue isn’t resolved in a week or so , then you should tag them in your post and/or check the status via your original DM. Don’t spam them asking for an update, that just slows down the process.

Every browser/device that you use has to have auto-contribute disabled. You might want to check all your linked Rewards to make sure auto-contribute is disabled for all of them.

ALL browsers have had this turned OFF for MONTHS, the only difference is that prior months I had the wallet connected via UPHOLD instead of GEMINI, but I switched to Gemini as I heard it was better than uphold, but obviously NOT.

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