Brave ads payout March 2022


Payout for March 2022 hasn’t been arrived yet. Estimated date was 8th of march. Payout status page says one more week, total 16th. and today is 18. Can’t see anything yet.


Assuming you meant estimated payout for March ads was April 8th.

March rewards (paid in April) are still processing. Status here:

im having the same issue. i was supposed to get 4.9 bat from my PC browser but i didn’t get any. its now the 18th of April, 10 days after the start of payment processing. i don’t know if brave missed out on paying me or if there’s some kind of delay but i wish i can get my payment as soon as possible

same, nothing on april 18th

Patience all. Patience!

Thanks for your patience here. Were you eventually able to successfully claim your April BAT? If not, please DM me your Wallet Payment ID which can be found here brave://rewards-internals//

I was not able to successfully claim my March BATs in April. About a week ago I did receive a popup notifying me that my March rewards had arrived however while trying to go through the transaction I received an error message and did not end up receiving my March BATs.

same here, 18th is pretty late, never seen it so late

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I also did not get my payouts of bat

Same here. Didn’t get the full payment. I got less than half of it…

Same situation on two different devices. I have also DMd mods today but haven’t gotten any response yet. I think there are many more that are in the same situation, yet both Uphold and Gemini wallet payments are shown as completed on the March payment status thread

Payment status shows complete but no deposits to my Gemini account. How do we get support for this?

i did not get my 4.9 bat payment. i have a verified uphold account and this is the first time that a payment has taken so long to come. now it says that the payments are complete but i still haven’t received my amount. please help

So, if march payout doesn’t get credited, and april comes to an end, will both month’s bat will get credited in May?

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