I have not received March 2022 rewards payout

Thanks bro for the reply.

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Same here, haven’t received a complete payout for march. got only 0.25

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I press the claim button top after opening rewards settings. It asks me to move the triangle into one of the symbols listed. I receive an error message: " Hmmm, not quite… Prove that you are human! Drag and drop this logo onto the triangle target" But the claim is never resolved even after repeat attempts. Now I cannot see the claim button. What should I do to get my reward? Please help


This update was posted yesterday. April 2022 Ads Payout Issues Update and the Brave admins are investigating.

Almost end of April month and still lots of people all over the world have not received their earnings. This first experience is a bitter experience for me. From now on, I will have to be careful on how I spend my time. When I spend time on something, I expect the returns or rewards. And in this case it is disappointing.

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me too…waiting 5 BAT :frowning:

i am also having the same issue. my 4 bat is missing. @steeven please fix this problem. many are facing same problem.

Still waiting and no answer to my questions. Not here nor in private.

Same issue here. I still haven’t received the payments.

same issue for mee too till not got my brave rewards

An update guys. I just checked my wallet and 1.75 BATs for March month has been credited. Request other users to check their wallets as well. If not, let’s wait as the status for April payouts is not yet completely processed. We can continue posting in this thread to maintain it in active status.

Thanks @steeven for your support.

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Same issue with me .Haven’t received my 9 BAT from the month of march

Is there any user with uphold wallet get his march reward ?


mee too did not got my bat to my uphold account

I ll wait may, if nothing changes then’ll uninstall it

No !!! If any of the uphold user gets their rewards them let us know it here.

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so finally they acknowledge that there are some problems with uphold wallet users.

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I had the exact same issue!

Has everyone here seen the recent notices posted by the moderators? I’ll link them below if you haven’t. If you have an Uphold account, you might want to track the Uphold topic. Mattches says he will be posting updates there.

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