My rewards are not coming!

my payments have not been paid 0.4+3,799 Bat payments on two computers in total. What is the reason?

Thanks for your patience here. Were you eventually able to successfully claim your April BAT? If not, please DM me your Wallet Payment ID which can be found here brave://rewards-internals//

Yeah for some reason, even though my Gemini wallet is verified on both my partitions, for the first time there’s a red dot next to payments processed on the Ad Payout Website, and the web browser wants me to claim my rewards from last month, which I thought you’re only supposed to have to do if you don’t have a verified wallet?

@davemp88 I think everyone using Rewards, both verified and unverified, now has a claim button with captcha. I don’t remember what version update it came out with, but I am verified and I received it both last month and this month.

Edit: So funny, I just ran across this in a reddit post from a support staff member there. Seems like the claim/captcha for verified accounts was in the works 2 months ago.

BAT Team | Product Manager (Rewards)
OP·2 mo. ago

Two major things:

  1. We are no longer allowing users who are flagged to verify their Brave Rewards.
  2. We are actively transitioning over to the “claim + CAPTCHA” payout flow for verified users, which is considerably more robust.

I don’t know how to tell if I am flagged. No reason I should be. How do we get support?

@baconology You will receive a message on your device if your account is flagged. To open a support request, go to the Rewards Support category and create a topic. Make sure you follow the instructions displayed and answer the questions in the template.

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So once I click the claim button and do the Captcha, the BAT will transfer into my verified Gemini account like it had previously automatically done?

When you click on get your claim a error will pop up and you won’t get anything. I will be patience as nothing is perfect but I feel they will have this fix soon and reward those who were patience.

So you’re saying if I have a verified Gemini account, don’t click the “Claim” button under my rewards above where it says “You have 78 days left to claim this reward”, because it will error out and I will most likely temporarily lose my March BAT payout?

cuz Chocoholic said that according to a reddit post, apparently as of two weeks ago, even people with verified gemini and uphold accounts are now on a “Claim + Captcha” system, claiming it’s, “more robust”.

Yes, but you can click on see for yourself. I am sure the creators and workers know and are working on fixing this as we type…lol.

oh no, I trust you; that’s why I (thankfully) waited for a response and you were kind enough to educate me, otherwise I would’ve run into the same problem. Do you think that is why on the Ads Payout Status Page, it Shows Verified Gemini wallets with a Red Circle (As oppose to Green like it normally is upon completion), saying “Payments Complete”? Something about that seemed off to me, so it would totally make sense if the claim causes it error out. Also, this is the first month I’ve had to do this; every month prior the month has automatically been deposited into my Gemini account. I was under the impression only people with unverified accounts would have to claim their earnings as they would be sent to their Brave Rewards Wallet, as oppose to one of the verifiable wallets (Uphold and Gemini).

No, there was a bug that hit us not long ago. I will link or share the post.

And that bug is what has caused the payments not to deposit directly into our verified wallets? cuz it’s almost time for April’s payout already! :confused:

Yes, I tried to share the post about it but I can’t.

So Your advice, if I have a verified Gemini account, is definitely NOT to hit the Claim button until the figure the issue out, correct?

Has everyone seen the latest update from Mattches? Posted below just in case you haven’t.

So, I think if you have a claim option, you should use it. If there is a problem receiving your rewards, then DM the moderators per instructions. Put your wallet payment id first then list the steps you took and indicate payment was not received in your Gemini account. Remember, it can take a few days for BAT to be deposited into your Gemini account once you claim them.

The Red button is actually the Complete indicator and the Green is Processing. I know I had this totally backwards too at one time! Brave should really put a blurb somewhere in that post to let users know what the indicators mean!

And How Do I find my Wallet Payout ID? is that the whole Brave :// internals thing?

Yes it is! :smiley: There is other information at brave://rewards-internals too. Don’t bother looking at the logs and don’t be alarmed at what you see. Logs are for staff only and their meaning cannot be implied. Brave doesn’t tell you what they mean either. Just a heads up.

Other information is interesting and useful though.

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