May 2020 Ads Payout Megathread

This is the official support thread for this month’s Ads payout. Please direct any issues related to this month’s Ads payouts here.

if you’re a Creator with questions about your publishers payout, please see our Publisher payout megathread instead.

DO NOT re-install as it will make it impossible for us to restore your BAT balance!

Before posting here, make sure none of common reasons for missing an Ads payout apply to you:

  1. Anyone whose BAT balance has suddenly dropped or zeroed out should fully exit and restart the Brave client. Make sure to completely exit out of the program and try again. This should fix most of the cases here – if not, please let us know and we’ll dig into your account!
  1. You must have a linked and verified (KYC’d) Uphold account in order to claim an Ads payout. You must be verified before the 1st of the month to qualify for that month’s payout.
  1. If you didn’t get paid, and none of the above apply to you email us 1) the estimated balance you were expecting and 2) your brave://rewards-internals data to

  2. If you’re expecting an Ads payout you didn’t get, you may be in an unsupported region. Brave Ads payouts are only available to those residing in supported regions.


@Asad, can you point me in the direction of where the instructions to write in are?

Also, how do I check brave://rewards-internals on a mobile device (iPhone and iPad)?


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Copy and paste this in a new tab and search it to reveal it.
If it doesn’t show then type in this
Provide feedback if it becomes successful or not

Thanks @Dominus1. Neither of them actually work unfortunately.

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Oh sorry bro, wait for sometime, and the admins will come to sort u out

@johnanish on iOS it’s available under Settings -> Rewards -> Wallet creation date

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@eljuno, thanks yes, whats I was looking for.

@Asad, can you let me know where I would have to email my deets and you/your team can look into it?


i didnt receive ad rewards for may or April, please fix

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I didn’t receive ads, but my 7day ad history says I have been getting them every day, and yet none have appeared on the right of the screen.

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Last night I upgraded my Brave browser and after I rebooted my UBUNTU this morning I noticed that my balance is very incorrect. I was hoping to see around ~320 tokens but see only 104 tokens. I have accumulated the token from past several months and not to mention I have always turned off the auto-contributor

Please can you help me

Brave version - [Version 1.8.86 Chromium: 81.0.4044.129 (Official Build) unknown (64-bit)]

Hello, could someone help me? My brave rewards changed the payment date of May 5, to June 5, I do not understand the reason, it was from one moment to the next and I have other friends who pass the same thing to them. @eljuno @Asad

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this May is ads from April. And this may for ads BAT June. and on the 5th it starts claim reward ads

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I watched 81 ads ( Total 50.4 BAT) from 7th April to 5th May 6:14 PM (IST). But I am getting pay only 5.33 BAT. Please see the attached screenshot.

Is someone able to please help take a look at my issue

@mkt feel free to open a new thread for your issue. Thanks.

@gab0203 I’ll suggest you to wait until tomorrow. The payout is in progress. If you not get yours, then follow the original post above.

@nabin786 first, there’s a bit confusion here. 5.33 BAT is your earning as and 50.4 BAT is your ads earning as a user (brave:rewards). Both is not related to each other because it’s two different things with different purposes.

You’ll get paid for your ads earning today/tommorow. Deposited to your brave:rewards wallet or Uphold account if you have it connected.

And your creator payout is happens around 8th.

@eljuno Thanks, I already opened a thread yesterday

@mkt- thank you - just responded.

@johnanish You would send an email to

Keep in mind payouts are still processing, so you may not get your BAT for a day or two anyway. :slight_smile: I’d wait until then to send in an email.

@mkt the restore code will only restore pending BAT earnings and self-funded BAT. It will NOT back up free BAT grants. This is probably why you saw your balance decrease.