Any questions about Brave Wallet?

I’m doing this last minute and no guarantee I can ask questions, but current Brave Call which ends in 50 minutes is all about Brave Wallet. Is there anything special you guys want to know about Brave Wallet now or for the future?

If I see anything and get a chance to ask during this timeframe, I’ll try to mention.

Hey I find a issue about wallet

Will you be able to backup and restore your brave wallet with a seed phrase?

And will this include your BAT rewards wallet?

This way a user can use the same crypto wallet and same BAT rewards wallet on all of their devices

Yes, this is next year. It’s a project they are working on and hoping to release Q1.

Yes, when they put Rewards as part of Brave Wallet, it will then be able to be backed up and restored that way. It will kind of be “synced.” I put that in quotation marks because it won’t be part of Sync but when you use seed phrase to put wallet on other devices, it will be backed up that way.

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Call is at the end. So no more chances to ask more questions.

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