Brave BAT Wallet Back-Up New PC - Lost 400+ BAT

Hey there. I used Brave Rewards in 2019 & 2020 and accumulated (iirc) 400+ BAT over those 2 years. I did a back-up of my Brave BAT Wallet (not verified yet though) and saved the seed phrase, completely wiped my old PC clean since it got too slow and got a new PC, wanted to import the BAT wallet back-up on my new PC and realized the balance now shows 0 BAT. I read through this forum and saw it was a common issue. Funnily enough, when I activate ads, I still can see my pending BAT from 2020 I didn’t claim yet (roughly $5). It would be great to be able to DM a moderator to help me out with that issue to get my entire BAT balance back. I am not sure which information I should provide here, so I rather am extra careful and wait for a mod to reply here and DM afterwards. Cheers.

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