[Request]Add uBlock-Link shorteners filter

uBO now moved all link shorteners lists from regular filter lists to uBlock Link shorterners. Brave facing adblock detection issues when visiting Short link,I wish brave add that filter as default filter if Brave adblock support it

Steps to reproduce it:
1). visit this short link https://gplinks.co/RgXB4kli/?pid=882042&vid=245642624

2).You will see AdBlock detection and If you subscribe ublock-link shorterners filter there is no AdBlock detection issue

@fanboynz do you have any idea how to solve short link detection such as gplinks. I got issue AdBlock detection issue from this link https://gplinks.co/fi3p

I get the same warning on uBO, also “shorteners lists from regular filter lists” where?

They moved shorterners lists to here https://raw.githubusercontent.com/uBlockOrigin/uAssets/master/filters/ubo-link-shorteners.txt

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